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Management Message

Chairman’s Message

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. – Malcom X”

Diamond School firmly believes in this saying and we are committed to being the “enablers” for our students in helping them realize their dreams.

We at Diamond School, endeavour to provide a curriculum with a difference-one that draws the best from the Eastern and Western Worlds while balancing excellence in learning with an all-round cultural, physical, mental and moral development. Our endeavour is to make the most formative and beautiful years of our students’ lives their greatest ever experience.

Our goals are clear: to be the best school in the region for our pupils, to be the most motivating employer of the very best teachers and staff, to employ the most advanced technological teaching aids available anywhere in the world, to ensure our facilities are outstanding

and wholly fit for purpose, to make our partnerships with parents productive, yet compassionate. With over 25 years of international experience in pioneering accredited and affordable school and higher education, I am sure you agree, we are well positioned to attain these goals.

I urge potential parents and students to go through our portal and indeed visit one of our campuses. Diamond School colleagues are available to answer any queries that you might have.

Welcome to Diamond School!

Dr. Sudhir Kartha

Prabhuling Swami

Principal's Message

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Innovative World School (IWS). I feel honored to be a part of IWS, and it shall be a privilege to serve all the children who are at IWS. I believe that the students of today deserve not just good academic exposure but also a genuine introduction and training to inculcate human values.

You wonder at which school the learning will be the best for your kid. You inquire every possible detail about the school you are interested in getting your kid admitted to. Your concern about the curriculum and the learning structure followed at the school, the teachers to be outstanding, and the quality of teaching must be high and the subject experts to teach your kids in a manner that they understand.

IWS is an IGCSE school, it provides the Pearson’s integrated curriculum which benefits both the IGCSE and CBSE curriculum. IWS provides the world class schooling that doesn’t cost the world, prepares students to be responsible global citizens in an ever changing world. It does so by offering a strong , innovative and contemporary “Best of Both Worlds“ curriculum. IWS is allied with a comprehensive extra-curricular program ensuring a holistic development of its students.

At IWS we have the most talented team of teachers who, shall bring out the best hidden potential in each and every child who is with us, the teachers are expected to be competent and effective, proficient in the use of instructional strategies, curriculum materials, advanced educational technologies, and classroom management techniques to have a thorough understanding of the development levels of their students, to have a solid grasp of the content they teach, and to be informed of exemplary practices to hold strong beliefs about the potential for all children, regardless of students’ ethnicity, language, gender, socioeconomic status, family backgrounds and abilities. We ensure that all students should develop to their fullest potential, and to have resources to create meaningful learning experiences that promote their growth and development. We expect the teachers to provide the children with the opportunity to learn and understand the concepts and give adequate feedback on their abilities so that they can try more better ways to improve further.

The use of digital tools enhances the learning experience and improves the academic performance of the kids. Video conferencing  which enhances the interaction between the teachers and students. You can interact with the teachers via the app. At IWS, children will have fun learning because smart learning provides images, podcasts, videos and audios provide an attractive, friendly, personalized and collaborative learning environment. At IWS, children are motivated to read untiringly, learn enthusiastically, gather facts and figures, be logical and rational thinkers. All our efforts are focused towards the healthy and happy nurturing of the young minds, and we believe that the collaboration and grooming of our children is the joint responsibility of both the school as well as the parents.

Let us work as a team to mentor our children in such a manner that they are equipped and prepared to face the the difficulties and challenges and succeed in life.

I wish you all the very best.

With Regards

Prabhuling Swami


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