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Vision & Mission


Diamond School will be recognised as the premier school for developing future ready students.


Diamond School prepares students to be responsible global citizens in an ever changing world. It does so by offering a strong , innovative and contemporary “Best of Both Worlds“ curriculum (TWC) allied with a comprehensive extra-curricular programme ensuring a holistic development of its students.

Core Values/ Philosophy

At Diamond School, we consider the school as a dynamic development centre. Administrators, teachers, and students are all contributors. Knowledge and ideas are the product of team effort. Since students are the ones who benefit most directly from this, they along with their parents should be most concerned that the outcome is of high quality.

Diamond School is a highly academic, non-selective, co-educational, English-medium, independent day school. At Diamond School we believe we can add more value to students to enable them to perform to the best of their abilities, be admitted to the most competitive universities, and be successful in their careers. The school develops students’ academic competencies, learning techniques, interpersonal skills, and personalities, in addition to instilling high ethical, moral, and civic values. The school encourages diversity of backgrounds across its staff and students and this helps students develop a better understanding of various cultures.

The Diamond School Campus has been designed to reflect this ethos and atmosphere – a learning environment that encourages discovery, experience and application. The resource and learning rooms are large and well equipped with the latest technology to enable each little genius to tap into vast resources. To encourage both indoor and outdoor activities, Diamond School campus has been planned so as to provide facilities for racket and field sport.

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